Sarah & Andrej’s Wedding Extravaganza : Part Two – An Ode to Serbia

We hope you enjoyed the first part of Sarah and Andrej’s wedding celebration, because Part II is about to smack you in the face with an ode to the beauty of Serbia! After the wedding festivities were over, the newlyweds led their guests in a full-on celebration of the groom’s home country. The rolling green hills, the traditional folk music, the amazing food…Sarah and Andrej wanted this trip to be a feast for all the senses. For our sightseeing trip, the bride and groom encouraged their guests to don the national Serbian garb for a train ride through the Balkans. Looking out the window as the mountains rolled by, all you could see for miles and miles were green hills dotted with orange roofs under a canopy of the fluffiest clouds. It was absolutely gorgeous! Halfway through the train ride we stopped at a station for lunch where we sat in the shadows of the train for hours drinking Rakija (Serbian brandy) and dancing to that amazing band that just wouldn’t quit! We never in a million years would have thought about going to Serbia, but man did it absolutely blow our minds. The people are generous and full of life, the land is gorgeous, the experiences were just unforgettable. We are so grateful to Sarah and Andrej for taking us along on this whirlwind adventure, we had the most wonderful time immersing ourselves in the culture of this stunning country. Stay tuned for Part III where we head back to Los Angeles for the couple’s Indian wedding with an elephant and everything!!!