Sarah & Andrej’s Wedding Extravaganza : Part One – Belgrade & Mećavnik, Serbia

How do we even begin to explain the epic adventure that was Sarah and Andrej’s wedding extravaganza…four days in Serbia, two days back in Los Angeles, celebrating two cultures coming together and uniting two beautiful families. Oh ya, this is going to take more than one blog post! A little background info on the couple: Andrej is from Serbia, Sarah is from Los Angeles, they met during a hurricane in St. Maarten and they live in London. Remember the two engagement shoots we did with them, one in Santa Monica and one in London? Ya, well get ready for their wedding photos!

We landed in Serbia and were immediately whisked off to a magical moonlit boat ride winding through beautiful Belgrade, where we got our first taste of how amazing this wedding was going to be. The party did not stop…even when the boat did. The next day we had lunch at an incredible thirteenth century fortress followed by an intimate ceremony on the terrace where Sarah and Andrej said their official I dos in English and Serbian. Hours of dancing later, the guests left the fortress and hopped on luxury buses for a five hour drive to Mokra Gora where we would be spending the next few days in full-on Serbian wedding bliss! We woke up the next morning in the little wooden village to a swirl of mist covering the lush green mountains, and followed Sarah and Andrej through the traditional Serbian customs. As the bride and her family waited, the groom was escorted by his family and the rest of the guests to the bride’s house where he had to prove his worth by shooting an apple before haggling his price for Sarah’s hand. Of course all of this was just for kicks, but everyone was having so much fun getting into the spirit of the traditions.

To continue with the Serbian custom, we headed to the oldest Serbian Orthodox monastery where we were transported back in time as the monks chanted the ceremony in perfect harmony in the dimly lit, beautifully painted church. Later that afternoon, back at the village for lunch, the guests were entertained by local children performing the national Serbian dances in the traditional costumes. The band played for hours and hours, and before we knew it, lunch rolled into dinner and the party just never stopped. We have never been surrounded by more love, more joy, more smiles, more toasts, more dancing! I was pretty much in heaven! After the surprise firework show, as the guests headed back into the restaurant to continue the party, Tim and I reluctantly ducked out to get some much needed rest. The rest of the trip was absolutely fabulous….but you’ll just have to stay tuned to hear more!