Rob & Jessica’s DIY Small Town Connecticut Wedding

Warning: lots of words needed to describe this uniquely detailed wedding!

When we shot Jessica and Rob’s incredible library engagement shoot a few months ago, they had so many sweet details that we couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for their wedding day. Needless to say we were not disappointed in the least! Leave it to the elementary school teacher to have everything planned to a tee with so many hand-crafted goodies to make your heart jump for joy. The groomsmen all wore large hand-sewn heart felt pins for boutonni√®res, and smaller versions were given out to the guest to “wear their hearts on their sleeves”, a beautiful painted “Ceremony” sign led the guests to the nuptials, the “I do”s were said against a DIY paper garland, and all of the flowers, including the bouquets, were made with tissue paper from all of the wedding presents that the couple have been receiving for the past few months.

The entire celebration took place at the Keeler Tavern Museum and Garden House in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where the rolling lawn hosted croquet games and the courtyard was lined with adorable photos of Jessica and Rob from their childhood and their relationship. The ceremony took place on a rooftop patio, where the couple exchanged vows before the officiant announced “You may now update your facebook status”. From there the guests enjoyed cocktails, pomegranate iced tea, and basil lemonade before the doors of the Garden House opened up to reveal the simple and elegant dining room. Jessica had hand-drawn all of the placemats to incorporate the guests’ names, and the large paper flower centerpieces made it feel like the garden had been brought indoors. Guests dined and danced inside yet were free to wander the beautiful grounds during the party, challenging each other to croquet matches and strolling around under paper parasols.

When the sun had set and the stars came out to dance, Jessica and Rob made their romantic getaway through a sea of bubbles as they ran to the limo from They left their guest in their wake, some making their way to the exits while the others made their way back to the dance floor to keep the party going. It was a night filled with great music, fun crafts, and the sound of laughter ringing out from the couple’s table. We have never seen a happier, giddier bride! She definitely lit up the room with her enormous smile, and her adorable husby just couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It was definitely sweet to see these high school sweetheart express their love for each other in front of their friends and family. We love love love Jessica and Rob and we wish them the most wonderful life together!