Nicole & Alex’s Sun West Studios Wedding

Sorry for our long break everyone! We took a whirlwind three week trip to Italia before packing up all of our earthly possessions and driving across country to Los Angeles! We are back on the west coast now, soaking up the sunshine, and we have a lot of wonderful posts lined up for you!

First up: A true classic New York wedding! Nicole and Alex were such a blast to be with. Surrounded by an entourage of bridal party members, we headed to Grand Central Station to shoot their portraits. Nicole looked so stunning that a little girl walking passed yelled, “Look mom! A princess!”. We then jumped in a wedding limo and headed to Sun West Studios for the big event where the ceremony was beautifully set against an incredible fall foliage backdrop, the vows were sweet and romantic, and the dance party went on long after we were gone. It was such a blast getting to know these two darlings and to spend so much time with all of their friends and family, celebrating their special day!

Special thanks for VIP Bodyguard Services, who were guarding this magic event!