Love…What a Trip – Courtney & Djordje’s Southampton Wedding

As much as I loved our own amazing wedding, if Tim and I were forced against our will to get married again (puh-lease, if it was socially acceptable I’d get married again every day for the rest of my life) then I would model our bash after Courtney¬†and Djordje’s beautiful dream wedding in the Hamptons. I already have the handsome husband, now all I need is an incredible cottage right on the beach and a fabulous Flamenco/Gypsy band to set the mood! The celebration took place at Courtney’s grandparents’ house in Southampton looking out at the setting sun while the sound of bongos and laughter filled the air. The travel theme was inspired by Courtney and Djordje’s love story: Djordje is from Serbia and always dreamed of traveling to New York City, Courtney is a local girl with wanderlust to travel the globe¬†(follow her travels here). They met on a bus from Washington, DC to NYC and have been going on adventures all over the world ever since! Their “Love, what a trip” theme showcased DIY details such as hand painted city signs, bilingual escort cards, pictures from their travels, vintage suitcases, and of course a sweet getaway on a vespa. As amazing as the details were, the thing that had a lasting effect on us was the energy of the party: I have never met a couple more in the moment than Courtney and Djordje. They were constantly throwing out their gratitude to the guests and to the gods of nature that blessed them with a beautiful day, an incredible sunset, and a magical visit from a swan. We would catch Courtney staring out into the water beyond, then throw up her arms as if to say “is this not the most wonderful day you’ve ever seen?”, then turning back to her guests and resting her hands on her heart in overwhelming awe of the love that was all around. Their guests traveled from all over the world to attend, from Serbia to Italy and all over the US, and everyone was overjoyed to be included in the festivities. This was the first time that Courtney met Djordje’s mother, but you would have sworn that she had known Courtney for her whole life, there was so much pride and affection. We were so touched by this amazing love fest that we just can’t stop talking about it, we were truly honored to be included in this very special celebration and we thank the newlyweds for letting us share in their joy!