Kyo & Tim’s DIY Wedding in an Abandoned Mansion

On a hill just outside of New York City sits an old, decrepit country estate that served as the most extraordinary location for Kyo and Tim’s vintage wedding. Built in 1912, this three-story mansion houses a massive library, an expansive ballroom, an open conservatory, and oh yeah, an indoor pool on the second floor! Abandoned until just a few years ago, the wear and tear of the building adds to the charm while the original details still shine through to create such an awe-inspiring space. The ceremony took place in the gardens where columns from a Greek-style theater still stand amid now-empty pools and overgrown statues. After the ceremony the guests sat down to an intimate banquet dinner followed by dancing, dessert, and watched the happy couple make their grand exit under some twinkling sparklers. Kyo designed everything from the invitations to the place settings to the genealogy chart to the hand-painted signs, and Tim ran the show making sure everyone was in the right spot and keeping things going smoothly. These two awesome people were such a pleasure to be around, and you could tell from the personal details and the sweet speeches that they are loved by their friends and family and are truly in love with each other. It’s a good thing they didn’t mind having their picture taken because we went all over the house to get some amazing images…. including one cool 3D one!! Enjoy!