Janel & Eddie’s Central Park Wedding

This definitely goes to the top of our list as the wedding with the most personality! Every little detail of Janel and Eddie’s wedding was so unique and really gave us a glimpse into their lives. First of all, Janel’s incredibly awesome seersucker dress was a standout, it had just enough glam while having a casual and fun look about it. Her dress choice even landed her a spot on the show Say Yes to the Dress! Secondly, all of the girls had action figured sticking out of their handmade bouquets, while all the guys had them on their┬áboutonnieres! Eddie sported Captain America, while his dad proudly wore Darth Vader. Even the two young ring bearers were in on the action with Mario and Luigi figures. Now I’m always going to be a sucker for a bridal party in converse, but Janel and Eddie had theirs customized with a sweet note along with their wedding date to really make it special. And let’s please just take note of their awesome zombie cake! Topped with a tragically elegant zombie couple, Janel and Eddie dug in to their masterpiece dessert with a light saber cake knife…as only these two awesome newlyweds would do.