Eileen & Tyler’s Movie Themed Saddlerock Ranch Wedding

Remember the adorable engagement shoot we did with Eileen and Tyler a while back? Ya, those cuties. Well we shot their wedding at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu and we are so excited to share the photos! If you are wondering how much a ranch cost, you can check it out here. A few months before we got an email saying that they needed to push back the date and they were keeping their fingers crossed that we had their new date available. Luckily we were able to make it work and reunite for one heck of a hootenanny.

There were so many lovely, personal details happening at Eileen and Tyler’s, it was so easy to see who these two love birds are as a couple. The film reel details and the open air movie theater were an homage to their work (she is a writer and he is a director), the DIY corn hole games and the temporary tattoo parlor were a nod to their fun, cheeky side. The bluegrass band was playing at the bar where they had their first date after losing touch for nearly ten years, so naturally it was the perfect fit to have them play at the wedding. But most importantly the love that they have for each other is so clear, made apparent by their heart-warming vows, their inability to take their eyes off of one another, and their sheer exuberance at finally being married. Under the super moon they danced the night away and were the very last ones to leave their wedding…just as it should be :)