Danielle & Jimmy’s Treat Filled Boathouse Wedding

Danielle and Jimmy’s wedding took place at Loeb’s Boathouse in Central Park, and you certainly can’t get more New York than that! Their short but oh so sweet ceremony was followed by a reception filled with cupcakes, cake pops, and all the candy your inner child’s imagination can fathom! Enough to make any sweet tooth cry with happiness, but what was even sweeter was the couple themselves. When we whisked them away for their portraits in the beautiful Central Park, they were just gushing over each other. And their details were absolutely adorable: handmade pinwheels guided the guests to their seats where they were welcomed by a photograph of either Danielle’s or Jimmy’s parents or grandparents on their wedding day. And the guestbook was such a wonderful idea: they had a huge canvas surrounded by paints and brushes so that the well wishes of their friends and family would become art for their living room. The icing on the cake was their getaway on a bicycle taxi…only in New York!