Say Hello to Ivy & Aster

Meet Ivy and Aster, the sweetest new bridal line on the block.  This Atlanta-based line of whimsical bridal gowns, ethereal reception dresses, and dreamy bridesmaid dresses is brand new and as of now it is only available at Lovely, but coming to other stores in December!  We were lucky to meet Jessica, the designer behind these darling dresses, and she definitely embodies the joyful exuberance of Ivy and Aster.  And I was luckiest of all because for three whole days I got to play dress up in these incredible cupcake dresses!  I was the fit model at the NYC International Bridal Week, a market for buyers nation-wide to check out the designs of all the bridal designers.  Being a fit model means that whenever buyers came to look at this collection, I was asked to put on all the dresses that they were interested in.  I quickly found a few favorites, and I definitely didn’t mind standing around in such soft, beautiful creations all day!  Not only did I get to model, but Tim shot the promo pictures, as well as a few shots at the bridal market!  We loved being so involved with such an amazing new line, and we wish Jessica all the success in the world!  Bookmark their website or follow them on twitter for the latest updates!