Puerto Rico for the Bacardi Triangle

Over Halloween weekend we were so lucky to be invited to a super exclusive event in the Bermuda Triangle hosted by Bacardi! The party started on a chartered plane from LA to Puerto Rico, where a Bacardi bartender was mixing up rum drinks to get everyone excited for the nonstop party that was waiting for us on the island. Once we landed, we were in paradise…the ocean was that amazing teal that can only happen in the caribbean, the piña coladas were flowing like…… well, piña coladas, and the entertainment was wonderful. We spent the days in the pool, even when it was pouring rain, and the nights dancing our hearts out. A black magic Halloween party one night, then a private concert on a private island three miles off the coast from the resort where we saw Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar and Calvin Harris were just some of the highlights. One evening we even tried our hand at surf fishing. As this was our fist time, we used a baitcaster for beginners. We were lucky to get a bite. But mostly we just love traveling and experiencing new magical things together.