Meet The Melideos!

Hi there! Nice to see you again! You may be wondering why we look so familiar…where you know us from. Well we’ve gone through a bit of a change, a bit of an evolution. A rebrand, if you will. We used to be known as Sweet Little Photographs, but we’ve decided that we are so much more than that. We want you to know who we are, to get a sense of the real us. We are so proud of our new look and we are thrilled to move forward as The Melideos. Be prepared to see more of our travels, our daily lives, our awesome dog. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of wedding stuff to blow your minds!

We love weddings! We’ve been photographing them for the past five years, just after we got married ourselves, and we still can’t believe that this is our job. We get to work together and go to parties every weekend…does it get any better?! We think that your wedding should be a reflection of you, so if that means you elope in Vegas or wear a jumpsuit instead of a gown we are so in! We love couples that think outside the traditional box…that’s what makes our job so exciting! We wanted our new look to reflect that, since we feel that we think outside the traditional box when it comes to our approach to wedding photography. We hope to show off that side of us and give you something different than all the soft, romantic shtuff you’re bombarded with while planning your big day. We’re sure you’re tired of seeing all the calligraphy, the “intentionally blurry” photos, the pastels, and everyone gushing about how much they “love love”…we could say all that too but we want our work to speak for itself. We just hope you dig our vibe and like our work enough to let us capture your incredible celebration. You rock, we rock, let’s form a super group and rock together.

We would also like to take this moment to announce something major…….WE ARE MOVING BACK TO NEW YORK CITY! That’s right, east coast folks! We will be based on your side of the country for 2015 so that all your dreams can come true. And for all you west coast kids, don’t worry. We still love you. We’ll be back a lot so please don’t hesitate to contact us for your amazing party!!!

You can read more about how awesome we are on our About Us page, and in the meantime enjoy these photos we took of ourselves on a recent trip to Palm Springs! Slim Aarons much?

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