Tiffany & Jon’s Joyous Engagement Shoot

When we met with Tiffany and Jon a few months back, we knew that these two were going to put on one hell of a wedding based on their (Tiffany’s) attention to detail and their (Jon’s) hilarious antics. And now with the engagement shoot done, we absolutely can not wait to see what they have planned for their big day. You can’t go wrong with DIY banners, cute etsy signs, a bunch of big red balloons, huge personalities, and the (second) cutest dog on the planet. We couldn’t stop laughing as we shot the couple on their Brooklyn stoop, in their colorful tchotchke-filled home, and on their rooftop only¬†accessible¬†by one scary little ladder. As we sipped our water and shared our sadness over the loss of Domino magazine (me and Tiffany), and our love of Van Damme movies (Tim and Jon, obviously), we felt like old friends getting together for a day of fun. We had such a blast with these two lovebirds and we are so looking forward to their celebration of love!