Bridal Boudoir

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! I love this holiday for many reasons…first of all, I love love. I love the idea of this holiday as a time to remind everyone just how much you adore them, whether it be your significant other, your girl gang, your nieces and nephews, your dog! Sure, we should tell these people more often than just on this day, but telling them with a red cut out heart card is just so endearing. Another reason I love it…it’s the day that Tim proposed to me six years ago! So that makes this regular date night just that much more special for us, which I will never bitch about. Go ahead and complain that it’s just another day for the greeting card company to make billions of dollars…I’ll gladly spend a few on the ones I love to let them know they are in my heart on this day and every day throughout the year. I’ll gladly eat the chalky conversation hearts and proudly display the beautiful flowers throughout the house. I will never be upset if someone tells me they love me!

On another note, we thought we’d celebrate this lovely holiday with some boudoir photos we’ve had the pleasure of shooting, from a 50 Shades of Grey-inspired couple shoot to a gorgeous, confident, super romantic shoot. We are looking forward to expanding our boudoir portfolio to show off all the different ways to be sexy, whether that means you’re in your birthday suit or in jeans and a t-shirt. Contact us for our boudoir specials and let’s collaborate on making you feel gorgeous!