Lisa & Z's Forest Wedding at Nestledown in Los Gatos

You may remember Lisa & Z from the colorful Venice Beach engagement shoot we posted a few months back... who am I kidding, of course you remember it! Well a few weeks ago we headed up to Los Gatos to photograph them in the middle of a forest of giant redwood trees. Lisa & Z, or as they are better known by their celebrity name, "Zisa", are both graphic designers and they designed all the elements of their wedding. Their wedding was at Nestledown in Los Gatos and, holy crap, there were a million different places to make beautiful photographs of this fun and beautiful couple. A treehouse, a Snow White-esque fairy tale house, a train, a pond, huge trees, a lake, come on!!! Whatever, just look at these photos!

  • Oh, that's great. I did a wedding at Nestldown back in June, but man, I am ticked now, because I had no idea there was a flippin' TREEHOUSE on the property?! Say, WHAT? Nobody told me that!! My bride had a huge ruffly dress though so maybe nobody mentioned it because she wouldn't have fit! lol But now I'm going to have to be determined to go back with another couple! :) I love the mustard yellow; it looks like they had a really simple day and let the venue really shine! That's pretty awesome!

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  • What a beautiful wedding, congratulations!!

  • Komal Powell

    These images are absolutely stunning! The location is BREATHTAKING!!!

  • Sylvie & Joan

    What a gorgeous wedding. We love the yellow details and incredible location!

  • Morgan

    Hello ! Would you mind sharing where you found the men's suits or who makes them? We'd love something similar for our wedding!!

    • Julia Elizabeth Cherry

      i've noticed most people piece things together. like a mix and match of consignment shopping for the vests paired with the rest..........but if you hear otherwise let me know.

    • The vests were from Topman.

  • Ashley Jo

    Do you know where they got the vests??

  • Julia Elizabeth Cherry

    love this jealous of the redwoods. my dream location. the bride and the groom are awesome. and i like that little touch at the bride and groom table "for like forever" very sweet and a charming couple!!!

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