Jane & Jeff's Alder Manor Wedding

We were absolutely thrilled to head back to the east coast to one of our all-time favorite venues for Jane and Jeff's gorgeous wedding. Alder Manor is a historic home in Yonkers, New York that had fallen into neglect for many years before being restored as an event venue. The entire property is in various stages of disrepair and it absolutely takes your breath away at every turn. Jane and Jeff had their ceremony among the fallen pillars in the sculpture garden, then headed into the opulent dining room for dinner, and ended in the grand ballroom for an all-night dance party. We had so much fun exploring the property with these two love birds, from the empty swimming pool to the restored library, all with their adorable little pup in tow. And we were dying over Jane's gorgeous blush gown...just look at it on that stairway! Perfection. This wedding was full of sweet moments and we were so happy to share them with the bride and groom!

  • What an incredible place for a wedding! I can't get enough of her amazing dress.

  • shannon hilary

    Such a gorgeous wedding and beautiful photographs! I am actually planning my wedding at the manor next year. Was looking to get some insight from the bride and groom on their experience with the venue and catering. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    • lay lady lay

      @shannonhilary:disqus - where did you find information on the manor? I can't find contact info anywhere and it looks like such a gorgeous venue! Any tips would be appreciated.

    • Hi ladies! We've been getting a lot of emails regarding contact information for Alder Manor because it sure seems hard to get in touch with someone there, but our darling bride gave us some numbers and email addresses and I'm happy to share them with you!

      Sergio: aldermanorny@aol.com
      Jennifer 917.225.3064 aldermanorjen@aol.com

      Hope that helps!

  • Susan

    The Flowers in these pictures were by Cut 1 Floral Design. The preferred florist at Alder Manor.

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